You Haven't Heard of MOXIE MODA?

MOXIE MODA is a company dedicated to giving local artists a platform to showcase their work and earn an income from every piece that sells.

When you choose MOXIE MODA, you're not just acquiring awesome apparel; you're investing in art. You're becoming a patron of the local art community, supporting the vision and talent of these incredible artists. Every purchase contributes directly to the livelihood of these artists, allowing them to continue pursuing their passion while adorning the world with their exceptional art.

Our dedication to supporting artists goes beyond mere collaboration; it's a partnership that extends into the very fabric of our brand. We work closely with emerging and established talents, providing a platform for them to express their artistic vision and connect with a wider audience. Through this symbiotic relationship, we not only offer fashion-forward individuals unique and meaningful pieces but also contribute to the flourishing artistic community.


From its inception in 2023, MOXIE MODA aimed to be more than just a clothing brand. Our founder, Michael R. Meador envisioned it as a platform that would celebrate the artistic talents known throughout local communities, as well as the hidden talents that too often get overlooked.

December 2023 marked a transformative chapter as MOXIE MODA forged an exciting partnership with the rock band, Emperors & Angels. As the official online apparel provider for Emperors & Angels, MOXIE MODA embraces the unique opportunity to immerse itself in the rich tapestry of the music industry. MOXIE MODA doesn't merely provide merchandise; we craft an extension of the band's identity through designs and aiming to mirror the exceptional quality of their music in the apparel we offer.

Embarking on the journey into the New Year, MOXIE MODA embraced 2024 with a revamped website design that marked a substantial enhancement over its former version. The new website not only reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation but also serves as a testament to our dedication to providing an improved and seamless online experience for our valued customers.