Meet the Artists of MOXIE MODA

Our team of artists are the heart and soul of MOXIE MODA, bringing passion and creativity to everything they create. Each artist brings a unique perspective and style to our catalog, enriching our collection with every piece. From bold illustrations to intricate patterns, our artists infuse every piece with flair, making MOXIE MODA a destination for art lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Join us as we celebrate the creativity and talent of our extraordinary artists.

Brian Gray is an artist located in Jacksonville, Florida. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Brian was influenced by urban/graffiti artwork at a very early age. He drew inspiration from the bright colors, the larger than life cartoon-like characters, and the unique writing styles of so many local graffiti artists.

“When I first saw graffiti and urban art work in general, it was hard to believe that they were done by real people, there was always this mystery and magic behind the work. It was cool to see images that were not there yesterday just pop up out of nowhere.”

Brian's artistic journey has been profoundly shaped by the vibrant worlds of old-school cartoons, classic video game characters, and comic book illustrations. In his early thirties, he found himself captivated by the "lowbrow" art movement and the thriving underground art scene that was so prevalent on the West Coast. This inspiration led Brian to the realization: "If they can do it, so can I."

In 2024, Brian embarked on a new venture, creating designs for apparel, which ultimately led him to partner with MOXIE MODA. This partnership has been instrumental in providing him with a platform to showcase his unique style to a broader audience, and we are so privileged to have him on our team! 

Brian's works are best described as "fun, imaginative, and whimsical, with a slight touch of hidden darkness."

Annabel Carson is a visionary artist whose work is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. Born and raised in the countryside of central Illinois, Annabel developed a deep connection to nature from an early age which continues to influence her art today.

Despite her undeniable talent and innate ability to capture the essence of nature, Annabel struggled with finding ways to establish herself as a professional artist.
It wasn't until a chance encounter with a fellow artist at a local gallery that Annabel's perspective began to shift. Impressed by the emotional depth and raw beauty of her paintings, the artist encouraged Annabel to embrace her unique style and to trust in the power of her own voice. With newfound inspiration, Annabel began to see her career in a new light, recognizing the value and beauty of her work in a way she never had before.
Despite juggling a full time career and motherhood, Annabel began looking for new ways to earn an income from her art. That is when she stumbled across an ad for a new company that would allow her to accomplish that dream. You guessed it, MOXIE MODA. Our collaboration with Annabel has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we're honored to continue this journey together, celebrating the beauty of nature and the power of her creativity with every design. 
Michael Meador is not only the founder of MOXIE MODA, he is also a contributing artist. From a young age, Michael demonstrated a natural talent for art and the creative process. However, as he entered adulthood, the demands of everyday life led him to put his art on hold in favor of pursuing a more traditional career path.

Throughout the years, Michael encountered countless individuals who, like himself, felt torn between their artistic aspirations and the practicalities of life. It was this shared experience that inspired Michael to take action. Determined to create a solution for artists seeking to balance their passion with the realities of everyday life, Michael founded MOXIE MODA.

MOXIE MODA was born out of Michael's desire to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work, connect with audiences, and earn a living doing what they love. Through his own journey, Michael came to understand the challenges faced by artists who felt forced to divert from their creative paths. With MOXIE MODA, he set out to change that narrative, empowering artists to pursue their passion on their own terms.

Today, Michael's vision has become a reality, with MOXIE MODA serving as a beacon of opportunity for artists around the country. Through his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication to the artistic community, Michael has created a space where creativity thrives, and artists can truly shine.